Worm Gears, Bull Gears, Crown Gears, Ring Gears and more!!

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No matter what you call them we can manufacture them fast!!

At Titan Machine, we’ve leveraged our professional CNC production capabilities and experience to deliver worm and gear replacement sets with unparalleled speed. We have amassed the industry’s largest inventory of pattern tooling, raw bronze castings, and alloy steel bar stock to manufacture your durable replacement worm and gear set from scratch using the most modern methods. Additionally, we have the largest on-site library of presumably obsolete OEM worm and gear designs and blueprints, encompassing everything from numerous old tandem gear drums and ceiling hung leather belted machines to mid century “modern” gear sets discontinued by their respective manufacturers.

All of our worms are thread and cylindrically ground ensuring both the gear mesh and the bearing journal surfaces have maximum service life.

If you need an additional level of support, take a look at our useful complete machine overhaul section:

At Titan, our combined experience, precision machining, and expert mechanics work efficiently to tear down your entire machine and return a completely overhauled and reconditioned unit alleviating costly downtime.

Contact us today about the types of parts or services we provide including top-quality worm gears, bull gears, and general gear replacement!!

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