Not Your Typical Elevator Repair Job

Elevator Repair Job at Seaworld

Titan received an emergency call one morning from an elevator contractor in San Diego. Anyone in the elevator industry knows that when an elevator is down it is an emergency. The only difference in this scenario was that the service disruption was not in a typical elevator. SeaWorld was not calling about your typical elevator - the contractor was calling about the “Sky Tower”, Sea World’s largest attraction. The “SkyTower” is an observation tower with a rotating viewing facility that rose vertically to the apex of its mast.
The tower was the tallest observation tower in San Diego and featured a doubledecker rotating pod. Needless to say this was not the typical elevator repair job that comes in to Titan Machine, Corp. but nonetheless they needed available help fast and Titan was the reliable solution. The “SkyTower” was in need of two completely new and unique drive machines that operated synchronously to raise, lower and rotate the viewing pod. Titan manufactured and provided all the custom components, then rebuilt the machines in record time. The contractor’s re-installation went seamlessly and Sea World was spared the loss of millions of dollars in revenue from its signature, sky-high attraction.

Thursday, March 21, 2013