Direct Fit Elevator Sheaves

At Titan, our experienced team knows complex roping arrangements frequently require specific, custom, and sometimes seemingly obsolete sheave assemblies. Existing hoistway conditions can create obstructions and constraints limiting on-site access and your ability to retrofit new elevator sheave assemblies into the elevator system. 
With hundreds of casting geometries and designs available to choose from, at Titan designing direct fit replacement sheave assemblies has never been easier. Your conditions may require a sheave assembly manufactured to accommodate impossibly close clearances between beams or other obstructions. For example, perhaps the reuse or conversion of existing pillow blocks is necessary because of access to a wall pocket or drilling new mounting holes isn’t practical. Or the work load, speed, or rope arrangements on the entire system has changed. Maybe you need a more robust and supportive design to best handle heavier loads. 
Whatever the reason, Titan Machine can custom design and manufacture direct fit sheave assemblies in order to suit any types of important dimensional or duty requirements. We offer elevator sheave assemblies for: 
Single and double wrap applications
Traction sheaves for geared or gearless equipment
Car and counterweight 2:1 sheaves
Underslung car sheaves
Overhead sheaves
Secondary sheaves
Sheaves for horizontal loaded machines and “back-breaker” sheaves
Deflector sheaves
Roped Hydro sheaves
Governor and tension sheaves
Counter rotating and idler sheaves
even Winding Drums...
Next time your project calls for replacement, redesign, or overhaul of hoistway sheave assemblies give Titan a call. We will ensure your project comes in under budget and on time with the greatest array of custom direct fit sheave assemblies in the industry. You can also shop our wide selection of available elevator products here to find what works best for your needs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018