Complete Elevator Machine Overhaul

One thing that we can tell you here at Titan, is that in as little as two weeks, we can do a meticulous overhaul of your existing elevator equipment parts and traction machine. With the in-house capabilities to manufacture new sheaves, worm and gears, replacing bearings, seals, babbitt work, bronze bushings, and decades of hands-on experience building and rebuilding elevator machinery, you can be sure that the machine or elevator component that we return to you will perform as well or better than it did on day one of its service. Often the solution doesn’t require the entire machine to be shipped in and overhauled. But with the expertise and capability to repair or duplicate any mechanical component, we frequently identify cost and time saving repairs to a subassembly. Common repairs on subassemblies include:

• Elevator sheave replacement

• Worm and gear replacements

• Motor alignments

• Worm assembly overhauls

• Main sheave shaft bearing replacements.

• Motor bearing replacement

• Sheave groove reconditioning

• Repouring babbit bearings

• Converting babbitt or bronze bearings to modern bearings.

• Custom weldments and repairing housing fractures.

Call us next time you find yourself standing over a damaged elevator machine product with more questions than answers. With decades in the business and centuries of experience under one roof Titan is here to keep your projects on time and under budget.

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