05/06/2016 • One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Titan Machine when our customers are presented with the option to overhaul a seemingly obsolete piece of equipment is, “isn’t it cheaper to just buy a new machine?” The answer is…maybe. But it depends on the existing equipment... more
02/03/2016 • With over 42 years of experience in the elevator industry here at Titan Machine, we’ve learned a thing or two about what our customers want. At the top of that list is often a reliable one-stop source for replacement sheaves and worm and gear sets to fit a wide array of older or... more
08/12/2015 • Here at Titan Machine we are often presented with equipment that has surpassed its service life and is either inoperable or in an unsafe working condition. Whether it’s a machine in its entirety in for a rebuild or a component of a geared or gearless piece of equipment, Titan has a... more
07/08/2015 • Available now with lead times as short as two weeks, our Titan I line of geared traction machines service a wide range of applications and specifications. The machine is designed to handle speeds ranging from 50 to 350 FPM with a capacity up to 3000 lbs. Available in both an overhead... more
01/19/2015 • Since 1973, Titan Machine has been a leader in furnishing new elevator and hoistway equipment providing a unique blend of manufacturing, custom machining and repair services to the elevator industry. Titan provides the best new equipment, replacement parts, and repair solutions with... more
08/22/2014 • A non-demountable sheave or spider assembly is one where the sheave is an integrated component of the spider. These are often called solid cast spiders. As the name implies, there is no means by which you can remove the sheave without replacing the entire spider assembly. On the... more
07/17/2014 • How to properly identify and measure a FLANGE MOUNTED TRACTION SHEAVE replacement. Being able to measure a sheave is the most critical step in the accurate identification and reproduction of a replacement part. In this case, we’ll focus on one of the most common type of sheaves, the... more
05/27/2014 • CECA 2014 was no let down. This was a terrific event with a great group of people from all over Canada. Titan had the opportunity to reconnect with many old colleagues but also was surprised at how many new people we were able to meet. We especially enjoyed the Colonial dinner on the... more
05/08/2014 • Have you ever wondered how a sheave is made? On a daily basis here at Titan Machine we manufacture sheaves for any specification. On a recent day, we produced a replacement drive sheave for a gearless application. We recorded this video and sped it up so that you can catch a glimpse of... more
04/14/2014 • No matter what you call them we can manufacture them fast!! At Titan Machine, we’ve leveraged our CNC production capabilities and experience to deliver worm and gear replacement sets with unparalleled speed. We have amassed the industry’s largest inventory of pattern tooling, raw... more